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Solutions Designer
Position Category : Analyst
Position Type : Permanent
Location : BGC

Must have skills : Assist in developing an integrated IT architecture for PH with solutions that support RI5E PH Initiatives. Solutions should then be driven for approval as well as adoption
2. Assist in determining key platforms that cover a wide range of PH IT requirements and expand its use and application.
3. Drive the PH architecture for these key areas: Advisor and Client Journey, Integration Layer, and Data Transformation Journey
4. Facilitate the architecture approvals of solutions and ensure ASGP/ETRB completion
5. Provide support to Lead Architect in all architecture-related tasks as assigned which revolves around, but not limited to, IT Governance, Solutioning, and Research and Development
6. Provide updates and status reports to the project manager during the course of a development and related support activities

Description : 

To assist Lead designer on all architecture initiatives and tasks such as IT Governance, Solutioning, and Research and Development.
 To collaborate with Application Teams and the Architecture Team in designing and reviewing solutions for the various IT projects.
 To collaborate with the Lead Architect in the management and maintenance of the IT Roadmap to ensure regular refresh and alignment with business objectives.

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