1hub Consulting Corporation - Staffing Solutions Track Record and Methodology
Track Record and Methodology

Our track record is something we are most proud of, and provides the basis by which we measure the quality of our contribution to our clients. It shows that amongst all candidates placed by our organization, we have 98% success rate and less than 2% percent turnover.

Why Have Our Clients Chosen 1hub?
20 of the top 300 best organizations in Pacific-Asia and North America, including four major banks, Provincial Government clusters, enterprise telecommunications organizations and both emerging and established technology companies have chosen our organization for:
  • Service Quality: Measuring our effectiveness by the durability of the relationships we build
  • A dedicated and experienced team with extensive real world experience in IT background, consulting, management, financial services, engineering and business services
  • Incomparable track record for successful delivery
  • Proactive investigation and understanding of client's current and future needs
  • Services customized to our client's needs
  • A "can do approach" to even the most difficult assignments
  • Cost effective and customizable fee structure

Proven Methodology
Our Organization's "Best Fit" assessment methodology underpins our search and assessment process, and is the clearest demonstration possible that the resources secured and presented by our organization are the best fit for their roles, and your organization. As a result, our team provides a lasting contribution to your organization.

Retention Policy
Our own surveys show that new employees fall into three time-categories in terms of retention - within 1-3 months, within 6-9 months, and within 18-24 months from their employment start date. Reasons are varied, but largely due to gaps in role clarity, corporate/cultural fit, and a host of personal/professional reasons.

In order to protect our clients, and with their prior authorization, we maintain an open line of communication with our-sourced employees and if needed, facilitate a dialogue between our clients and their new employees. This practice has helped our clients with their employee retention and employee engagement, not to mention savings in time and money. This practice has also resulted in our organization's unparalleled track record in the industry.

All information received by 1hub will remain confidential and will NOT be disclosed to any party without client's approval.

1hub a Truly Diverse Organization
At 1hub, we believe in equality and diversity. Our team is not only diverse in professional experience but in backgrounds as well. We are able to conduct business in Tagalog, English, French, Farsi, Cantonese, Hindi, Mandarin, and Russian.

Employment Equity and Anti-Discriminatory Policy
At 1hub our standard is "Qualification and Quality" of candidates. 1hub is an equal opportunity employer and opportunity provider. 1hub supports non-discriminatory policies and procedures.

For more information please contact admin@1hubconsulting.com or call (632) 964-5713.