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What to expect working with 1hub
Validating skills, experience and competencies is something that many executive search firms do well. Defining and assessing leadership, vision, motivation and fit into your existing senior leadership team is what 1hub Executive Search Services does better, and in a more cost efficient manner.
" Fresh discussions on future operating scenarios and strategic priorities - 1hub Executive Search Services are both talent experts and organizational experts. "
Creating Clarity
As with any search, our process begins with discovery and calibration of your organization's current and future-state objectives, and that of your executive team, before building the role profile and specifications for the search. We work closely with you to establish the framework of expectations, accountabilities and deliverables. As both talent and organizational experts, we have fresh discussions on future operating scenarios and strategic priorities that qualify both the need and fit.

1hub Executive Search and Advisory applies an unparalleled method of defining and identifying leadership capability. This proven approach allows us to paint a complete picture of the next member of your leadership team and draws our sightlines for how we will define our search and how we engage candidates on your behalf.
" 1hub Executive Search finds leaders that are committed to the organization, not just the line of business to which they are accountable. It is those who recognize the connection between decisions they make and the impact they have on the organization as a whole are our target for your requirements. "
We all understand that while a new member of any leadership team can be productive in a short amount of time, it can take upwards of 9 months to 12 months to become fully integrated and operational. Yet, many search firms limit their periods of placement guarantee to 9 months, or less, and post placement follow up can be limited to as little as 3 months.

The 1hub Executive Search Services process does not end after delivery and closing of the candidate you select for your senior leadership team. 1hub commits to 12 months of integration support at regular intervals to safeguard that your new senior leader to your organization is performing to your expectations.

Service Guarantee
We assure our clients of our commitment to satisfaction by providing a guarantee period for all placements. If the need arises, we will replace candidates without any additional costs during this guarantee period. This is a true testament of our commitment to deliver quality services to our clients.

Industry Partnership Development Program
In order to support our placed executives, we align and introduce them with other industry leaders for partnership. Our experience shows that our alliance and partnership development program has sustained our executives with innovation, delivery, and business expansion.

Employment Equity and Anti-Discriminatory Policy
1hub is an equal opportunity employer. We support non-discriminatory policies and procedures, human rights, and diversity.

For more information please contact admin@1hubconsulting.com or call (632) 964-5713.