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1hub Executive Search Services, a division of VTRAC Consulting Corporation, is an emerging force into the executive search landscape, operating out of two of the most exciting continents in the world, Pacific Asia and North America, serving established organizations and recently incubated start-ups alike.

Owned and operated by senior partners who possess rich experience in professional search and a diversified client base, 1hub Executive Search Services has redefined the executive search experience by effectively leveraging discreet channels of top talent combined with a ground-breaking method of role calibration and candidate assessment along with a proven track record in the professional search business.
" Our comprehensive professional search services are focused solely on quality delivery. Our acclaimed track record shows that amongst all executives placed, we have enjoyed a 100% success rate. "

Why clients choose VTRAC
1hub Executive Search Services enables our clients with strategic durability by introducing the right leaders with the right blend of skills and motivation that will move your organization forward. With many years of unequalled experience in the professional search business, 1hub has become a trusted advisor in the executive talent arena.

Our process is not overly complicated or academic, but scientific and revealing. By eliminating subjectivity through decision science, we recognize the differences between motivations to get the job as opposed to motivation to do the job.

We consult with you on defining your leadership team, its complexion, gaps and opportunities for focus. We apply the knowledge, intuition and instinct of an experienced 1hub team underpinned by exceptional toolkits and the methodologies of a multi-factored assessment model to form what we consider to be the 'next-practices' in the executive search experience.
" The apex of trust, commitment and accountability is the 1hub signature - Results. "

For more information please contact admin@1hubconsulting.com or call (632) 964-5713.